Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Christmas Cards!

A good friend posted on her Blog about Shutterfly giving away 50 free holiday cards. I thought to myself really? Nothing is really free anymore and what do I have to do to take advantage of this free offer? I’ve looked into Shutterfly before however I’ve never ordered anything from them. They have a lot of fun items like photo books, cards, notepads, really anything you can put a picture on they have it! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to their site and I was really impressed with all they have to offer! I went to the site to look at their holiday cards and started looking into other things, possible Christmas gifts…. I can’t share all my ideas but here is one calendars make great grandparent gifts! I will share a few of my favorite cards. Because life can get away from us we are considering combining our holiday cards with Bella’s birth announcement :) Better late than never right!

Here a few of my favorites….

If we don’t end up doing the birth announcement Christmas card then we would pick from others at this link…

I also found thank you photo cards ( which I love! It’s listed under holiday thank yous but this one I thought could go year round unlike my holiday stamps. I always buy holiday stamps for my Christmas cards and end up with extras so I try to use them after Christmas before the stamp prices go up, which they do often! You might be one of those that have received a card with a nutcracker stamp after the holidays :)

Thanks Danielle!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Long awaited for pictures :)

Waiting the arrival
Holding her for the first time
Love it

Grandma and Grandpa Glover
Grandma Liby
Grandpa Liby (was out of town so found me at home :) )

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Isabella Erin Liby

September 14, 2010 we welcomed our little girl into the world and will forever be a special date in our lives! Let me back up a few days prior and give a little history of how we got there....

Friday September 10th I had my weekly doctors appointment and at the end of the appointment the doctor said "You aren't dilated yet so we'll see you next week." I responded with "Ok are we sure? The other doctor thought I would go early" she said with a smile on her face "We'll see you next week." So we went home and got ready for a dinner with friends. Chris and Nicky drove up from Vero to have dinner with us so we took them to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Melbourne. Andrew works with Chris at Kimley-Horn. It was so great to see them and to have visitors from Vero come to Melbourne :)

September 10th is also a very special date because 11 years ago Andrew and I started dating :) Who would have thought 11 years ago we would be posting this blog about us becoming parents! We were just 16 and dating in high school and look at us now :)

The weekend was a pretty slow weekend for us. For some reason I just wanted to be lazy, I think it was my body telling me to take advantage of the free time because it was soon to be over! Of course we watched the Gator game with good friends Pam and Eric but other than that I really did nothing that weekend I felt like such a bum around the house. I napped, watched TV and had no worries! Sunday night things were going to change!

Late Sunday night I started to have a few contractions. I had some the week before but it didn't stay but a day and these ones were different. They weren't really consistent but they were there. Late in the night about 2am Monday morning they started to wake me up, which we all know is hard to do. About 5am I thought to myself maybe I should start timing them. Andrew was getting up for work and I stayed up and watched TV. By the time he left I mentioned I had been having contractions during the night and they were around 10 minutes apart. I knew I could be at 10 for hours or days so we went about our day as usual. Andrew said to call and keep him updated during the day. I got myself ready and went into work. I wasn't going to make it a big deal to everyone because I didn't know if it was going to go anywhere anytime soon so I was quite :) I was staying to myself in my office trying to get things done just in case :) I was keeping track on my computer and all the way up to lunch I was 10 mins. After lunch I went closer to 15 mins so I thought maybe they were going away. I told Nicky that we needed to get those maternity pictures done tonight just in case. During those pictures at the park we were getting back to 10 mins even some at 8.

After the pictures we all went home. Nicky and I decided we were going to go for a walk after she put the boys down for bed so we could get things moving along and more consistent! After one day at 10 mins I knew I couldn't do it for days so I needed to do something :) After our walk I showered and ate dinner by this time it was closer to 11 at night and I was consistent at 7 minutes. 30 minutes after dinner my water broke!!!

Andrew called the doctor and the one on call was the same one I had seen at my last appointment. She asked when was the last time I had been seen and how far dilated was I. Andrew responded with you saw her last Friday and she was at zero. She then said are you sure her water broke? Apparently it's common for first time moms to think it broke when it really hasn't! I was 100% sure it broke! She said to go to the hospital and she would see us there. Even the nurses at the hospital asked are you sure your water broke as I was gripping the counter top trying to give them information and having to stop during a contraction. I'm not sure they believed us until they checked me :)

I was admitted around 12:30 and I was around 2-3 cm dilated. I did do the epidural and loved it; I don't know how people don't :) I was 5-6 cm at 6:30 and the shift change was at 7 and that's when the next doctor on call decided to give me some meds to help the process. It was around 7 by the time I got the meds which was the very smallest dose and that's all it took to get things going. I have record in my phone from when Andrew was texting everyone that I was 9 cm at 7:20. I forgot to mention the entire family was at the hospital and some had to leave for work and some left around 645-7 to go take care of the dogs thinking I was going to be some time. Well they all got a call saying it's happening shortly after they left!

They brought in all the carts and had me start pushing at 8 and at 8:46 am Isabella was born! It all is a blur to me things just went so fast. I had a great doctor and team of nurses that were so supportive and helpful! I had my wonderful husband by my side coaching and taking care of me (we all know hospitals are not Andrew's favorite place but he was amazing). We had our moms in the room during the delivery and they were wonderful support for the both of us! I don't know how things should have gone but I do know I thought it all went great. I couldn't have asked for a better/easier delivery! We have a healthy beautiful little girl!!!

We had a hospital room full of visitors THANK YOU everyone for coming out to see us and keep us occupied while I was held up in the hospital room :) I know you all really came to see her but I still think you partly came to see me :) THANK YOU for all the beautiful flowers, balloons, candies and books! They gave us a cart to leave the hospital and the entire top was flowers!

Thank you everyone for all your kind wishes! We tried to keep everyone informed during the process but as you can imagine we had a lot going on and it wasn't easy so we apologize if we haven't kept in the best of touch or updated.

We have been home now for just over a month and it's hard to believe it's been that long. I feel great and to be honest I really haven't felt bad. She so far has been good at night, I hear she could be worse so I am very thankful! She has been 4 hour feedings at night and closer to 3 during the day. The first couple weeks she thought 11-2am was her time to be awake and I think we might have broken that (knock on wood). Andrew took the first week off work, Bella and I are doing good during the day just missing daddy also trying to go back to work part-time. There are a lot of things to do on top of adjusting to life as parents. Andrew used to come home from work and would come find me wherever I was around the house and give me a kiss, now he still comes and finds us but he has two he gives kisses to! It is so sweet to see his face light up from a long day at work when he sees his little girl I can't even describe it.

It didn't hit me right away but it did about three weeks ago, I'm a mom and loving every minute of it!

(I can't promise the next posts are ever going to be this long :) )

Sister Maternity Pictures

How often are you pregnant at the same time as a sister? Well Nicky and I were able to share in the experience together, her third my first. She has been a resource of information for us and I have turned to her a lot during this whole process. We had talked about getting pictures of us while pregnant but you know how life goes it never got done till the last minute!

When I say last minute I really mean last minute :) We had originally planned on having the professional photographer take some of us at the end of our session, however that day got moved and a later time, Nicky was sick and it just seemed like a lot to pull off in one night. Soooo we decided when our new camera came in we would go to the park and Andrew would play photographer for us :) He by the way did a great job! The camera came in on Friday and we had tried to make our schedules work for pictures over the weekend however it just didn't work out. Monday comes along and I had been having contractions all day so I told Nicky that if we wanted pictures we should probably do them tonight just in case.... Here are a few pictures that are my favorite!

Baby Shower

So from my last post I was 36 weeks pregnant and I said I would post pictures of the baby shower.... well a week and a half later here she comes! I'm going to play catch up now and probably till she is in college :)

Our baby shower was an amazing day. It was a wonderfully blended co-ed shower. I've never been traditional when it comes to baby showers and it really is about the couple having a child so we thought it would be nice to have a co-ed shower. It started off with appetizers and hanging out talking with everyone. Then the girls broke away for a little game time while the guys stayed back at the bar and mingled! Everyone was able to have wine or beer except me and Nicky of course :) After a few games the girls met back up with the boys and we had a great lunch prepared by all our family members. After lunch we opened gifts and let me tell you this little girl got set up! She will be the best dressed on the block there is no doubt in my mind! We also cut into the cake while opening presents, I didn't want to cut into it, it was so beautiful I wanted to leave it alone :) The day ended with one last game of decorating onesies and it was a lot of fun to see what everyone had created.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that support us 100%. We appreciate everyone that was able to be there and all the hard work that was put into it. It truly was over and above anything we had thought! We had just mentioned let's just have a casual get together nothing too crazy and then the day of it was pink and white linens with gorgeous flowers on the tables, a full meal with wine and beer, games, a scrapbook and soo much more!!!

Thank you to everyone that helped make this day such a wonderful day to celebrate our little girl particularly....

Our parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers their spouses and children and Brittany and Jesse who's hard work and love made this day possible!

Again over and above but very much appreciated!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

36 Weeks

So this week I am 36 weeks! We are really excited to know that in a few weeks we will be seeing our little girl! I am now having weekly doctors appointments (only reminding me of the little time we have left). Yesterday's appointment went great, I did have a size check ultrasound and they are estimating her currently at 5 pounds 15 ounces (keyword estimating). The doctor is very pleased with her weight and being that I'm 36 weeks he says he would be fine from here if I went into labor! He isn't locking himself in but he says he is anticipating me to go early but.... you never know, when she is ready she is ready. She is also a Glover and we all know that we can run late :) Not a long update just an update. I will be posting one soon on our amazing baby shower and her room which is ready if she comes but we are still working on it. You have a little sneak peek at the crib from the picture but there will be more later :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I thought I'd be better at this :)

Ok so I know I promise a lot to be better but I guess life just takes over, time flies and things don't get done as often as you'd hoped :)

Since my last post life has been fun-filled and busy as usual. I'm going to try to sum things up (if that's possible for me).....

In late May early June we went on a wonderful Liby family cruise for 7 nights! We cruised to the western caribbean with Grandma Sharon and husband Bob, Gus and Debbie, Bob and Cheryl, Allison and Chris and Pat (missing Kari!). The cruise was coordinated by Grandma Sharon and Bob and they did an amazing job picking everything, we all appreciated it very much! It was the very last week I could have even cruised being pregnant .... I was the cheapest date of them all :) It would take too long to go into all the details of everywhere we went but trying to sum it up.... we saw spectacular views, met wonderful people, saw so many cultures and had family time that we will remember forever. Andrew and I also celebrated our 3rd anniversary while on the cruise :)

Andrew and I in Haiti

Grandma and Bob

Pink Onesie signed by Guy Harvey

After the cruise Andrew was traveling a lot with work but we were still able to get the office turned into the new office guest bedroom combo :) Dave and Danielle were the first to sleep in our new guest bedroom after we had it all set up. The weekend before the 4th they came in and spent a night with us. We took them to the river and enjoyed a day hanging out under the tent and jet skiing. I wasn't able to go out but I had fun playing with Cori while her parents were out having a good time!

Miss Cori

The weekend of the 4th Andrew and I took the time to go to Orlando for a day and take care of some shopping and the baby registry (finally I know). It was getting late and we were at our last store just wandering around Ikea and as we rounded a corner we ran into Dan and Sara! What are the odds? We were sooo excited to see them it has been a very long time and they were unable to make it the weekend before with Dave and Danielle. We didn't have long with them but even the 30 mins catching up was great and I'm so glad we were able to run into each other in a town none of us live in!

July 4th we had family time at the beach with both families. The weather wasn't great but we all still had a great time. Later that night we met up with Megan, Joe and Noah for fireworks in Cocoa Beach. We rarely have people come our way and to have old roomies come in two weekends in a row was a lot of fun. July 4th was really a great relaxing day for us! Speaking about people coming our way.... The next day Brittany and Jesse were passing through and stopped to have lunch with us. I really don't remember the last time we had soo many visitors in such a short amount of time, we loved every minute of it. We had a great lunch with them at a new restaurant on the river, it was sad to see them hit the road but we appreciated them stopping to see us!

Chris and Jason coming in

The following weekend Julie was home in the Fort and Andrew and I were able to meet up with her and Juliana for dinner at Tiki! Again most of these visits with friends have only lasted for a short time but every minute counts. We loved seeing everyone and I can't believe we were able to see soo many in such a short time!

The rest of July has been slower just figuring things out around the house getting things for the baby! I am currently 31 weeks and can't believe it. I really say this too much but where did the time go? I feel somewhat unprepared but I know it will all come together. We have the furniture (not fully assembled) but in the house and I love it! We also got the paint this past weekend so hopefully soon we can start putting things together and seeing some progress on the room :) The fabric for the bedding came in so we might even start on that too :) It's hard to think that in around 9 weeks we are going to be bringing our little one home from the hospital! We at least have 9 weeks to figure out a name :) just a small detail that yes our little one doesn't even have a name yet :) it's on the never ending list of things we need to do :)

Here are the belly pictures for those that have put in the request :)

24 Weeks

32 Weeks